Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Musician, Singer, SongwriterMusician, Singer, SongwriterMusician, Singer, Songwriter

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About ME


Making Music

A little bit about what I do, I perform as a solo artist, in a duo and in a band. Thanks to Ian for making the Wrenn & Ian duo possible. We have come a long way in just 18 months and I look forward to what we will accomplish in the future. Thank you also to the band, My Favorite Scarecrow. We have also made great strides in our time together.  I feel very fortunate to have so many talented friends and so much support. 


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Cover of Ain't Your Mama by Mama Magnolia

My Favorite Scarecrow the band covering Mama Magnolia's song, Ain't Your Mama. 

Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids, Longmont, CO

September 8, 2019

Hazel Miller Band let me sing with them

The lovely and talented Hazel Miller let me sing a few songs with her on Halloween. What an amazing experience to sing with these master musicians. 

October 31, 2019

Cover of Neon by John Mayer

Cover of Neon by John Mayer 

Oskar Blues, Boulder CO

Wrenn & Ian

August 13, 2019

Cover of I Don't Need No Doctor, John Mayer version

Cover of I Don't Need No Doctor, John Mayer version

Open Mic at The Attic Bar & Bistro, Boulder, CO

Wrenn & Ian

June 25, 2019

An original song, Not Afraid

Not Afraid, an original

Oskar Blues, Boulder CO

Wrenn & Ian

August 13, 2019

An original song, Clouds

An original song titled, Clouds. Performed at the Boulder Creek Festival Singer Songwriter Contest, May 2019. I placed 2nd and it was a great experience.

Cover of Spiderwebs by No Doubt

Cover of Spiderwebs by No Doubt

Lunada Eatery & Cantina, Lafayette CO

Wrenn & Ian

June 21, 2018

Se tu m'ami, se sospiri

The Lesson Studio of Boulder, CO, spring recital 2018. Wrenn singing Se tu m'ami, se sospiri an Arietta by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, with her voice teacher, Steve Groth, accompanying her on the piano.


The Beginning Of My Journey


My name is Wrenn and I am 13 years old. I am just starting out, both in life and in music. I've been performing locally for 4 years. I don't know where my path will lead but I am excited to see where my music takes me. 

My Farvorite Scarecrow the band


Our 5 member band, My Favorite Scarecrow, plays out of The Lesson Studio in Boulder. We play a variety of cover songs and we have written some original material as well. Check out our Facebook page @Favoritescarecrow for more photos and events.



Creativity is not something you can turn on and off. Sometimes I do my best work late at night. It makes my mom crazy. I don't know when or where inspiration will hit me. 


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I'm always looking for opportunities to sing and make music. Contact me if you would like me to perform at your venue or event. Thanks!


Special Thanks

  • Thank you to my parents, grandparents and my extended family and friends for all of your support.

  • Thank you to my teachers at The Lesson Studio. Your teaching is a gift, without you I would not be learning about the music that I love.